How does it work

Why are we different from others? Well,  we are a small, company based in Spain, in a small village next to Barcelona. BicycleTours knows there is a lot of competition out there. We also know we offer a very personal and enthusiastic welcome on all the routes we offer. So those stunning routes and friendly hotels are not chance occurrences. We want you to have the best bike ride you´ve ever had and, and we work hard for that to happen!


At each tour presentation there is a "Sign Up Now" option. As soon as you send the electronic form, you will be included in the participants list. We need a minimum of 6 cyclists to run the show, so sign up wiht some friends or be flexible with your start data.When minimum of participants (6 cyclists) is reached you will receive a mail with your booking information.

A Typical Day

Bcycle Tours wants you to enjoy the landscape, people and culture as much as we do and strive to make your bicycle trip a memorable experience.

How is a day in the life of BcycleTours? There are never typical days but what we can say is that each day on a BcycleTour is planned to be filled with as much as possible for you to enjoy.


You’re here for a short time, recovery sleep is important as it is taking in as much of the country as you can, we chose our hotels carefully, providing you with friendly and cozy lodgings. Many hotels are found in spots you can take a walk from and see some sights before settling down for some wel deserved rest.


Cycling is hungry business, this  is why we supply you with energy snacks and refreshments.

All breakfasts are provided with some addictive local coffee.

Dinners is included in the tour price and will usually be set up as a menu, sometimes at the hotel sometimes on a short distance walk. We try to offer a variety of menu choices for each meal. There will be free evenings for you to wander (normally on the rest days) for you to choose your own dining experienced and enjoy the local cuisine.