"It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle."

-Ernest Hemingwy

All our tours are E-Bike friendly!


Why tour by bike?

Touring by bike is perhaps the best way to truly experience the landscape and culture of a region—the unique features of the terrain, the smell of flowers or ripening grapes, the sounds of wildlife, or the people and hidden treasures of small towns.

Why should I go with a local tour operator?

We believe that the best way to experience a new land and culture is with the guidance of locals. This means a helpful advisor, and local on-the-ground support.


Not fit enough?

You can do all our tours on E-bike (yours or rented).

Or if you'r cycling and the day seems to long or to steep, you can just hop on in the van and enjoy the ride.

Why Bcycletours?

Because we work whit small groups from 9 to 15 cyclists so you get the attention that you deserve.

Because we give you dedicated support.

Because we ofer you the best accommodation after cycling.

Because we love what we do.

For you?

We have the ride you are looking for, and if not , we tailor made it for you.

You just have to cycle, nothing else, we take care of you and your luggage..

After a day in the saddel, nothing better than a cozy hotel room. No setting up damp tents and sleep on the ground.

Don't feel like cycling, no problem, you take a ride in the van.